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Players in the Dream, Dreamers in the Play by Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Marian Kaplun Shapiro, who has published poems in numerous journals, has recently released her first collection of poetry entitled Players in the Dream, Dreamers in the Play though she has written two other books in her field of psychology.

In this book, Kaplun Shapiro has given the reader a wealth of content for thought. For example, the poem Basic Arithmetic pricks the mind with its play on words \”One and / one make two / ones….\” while in \”View From A Train Window\” mixes memories and dreams \”…You are also sitting / next to me, sedately reading your paper-/ back. There is nothing strange / your being in two places at one, or / about the red hair you, / in the water, / have sprouted….\”

But Kaplun Shapiro also takes the reader to a mystical level in such poems as Naming which evokes the mystery of the Unknown and all the names various cultures have come up with to address its Power. From \”God… to The Spirit… to the Nameless One.\”

But perhaps Kaplun Shapiro\’s strength comes with dealing with the ordinary, our lives, our problems as in Birthday she brings us to the reality of \”… Diabetes, / heart disease, deceased. Low-fat / diets buried….\”

So here in a world of dreams the reader becomes the dreamer through the eyes of Kaplun Shapiro and by doing so he/she experiences matters of life: loss, friends, and the problems of simply living.

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