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Poets.Org Is Conducting a Fundraising Event for Poetry Month

Here is an announcement from

If you\’d like to help support poetry programs, you can take out your phone and donate $5 right now by texting the word POETS to 20222. Your donation will be charged directly to your mobile phone bill and will help the Academy of American Poets and raise much needed funds for National Poetry Month and the many free and public poetry resources they offer all year long. will select five mobile donors at random to receive a free copy of their newly released Poem in Your Pocket anthology. Again, simply text the word POETS to 20222. You can donate right now, or at any time during National Poetry Month. To make a larger donation, you can send multiple texts or visit them online at

If you have any concerns or questions, contact Poets.Org at (212) 274-0343.

Happy National Poetry Month!

Academy of American Poets 584 Broadway, Suite 604, NY, NY 10012

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