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Poets & Writers, Inc. Sends Out Calls for 2 Awards

Here\’s a notice from Linda Rondinelli of Poets & Writers regarding 2 awards:

Poets & Writers (P&W) is inviting nominations for the 2009 Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award and the 2009 Editor\’s Award.

The Writers for Writers Award, established by P&W in 1996, recognizes authors who have given generously to other writers or to the broader literary community.

The Editor’s Award is a new award which will recognize a book editor who, over a sustained period of time, has made an outstanding contribution to the publication of poetry or literary prose.

Attached please find the nomination forms with the award criteria. Nominations are due by Monday, September 15, 2008. The winners will be announced in November and the awards will be presented at our annual dinner in March 2009.

Thank you for helping us expand our list of nominees and recognize the work of deserving writers and editors.

Linda Rondinelli Development & Marketing Manager Poets & Writers, Inc. 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100 phone: 212.226.3586 x201 fax: 212.226.3963 Poets & Writers Organization

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