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President Obama\’s Memo on Benefits

Well, on the one hand President Obama vows he will work to make sure same-sex partners get the same benefits, while on the other hand one has to ask: Is President Obama really doing all he can to work on equality rights?

Even the New York Times\’ editor states today: \”President Obama should also work to allow gay people to serve openly in the military and to persuade Congress to bar discrimination against gay people in employment.\”

Sadly, his presidential memo simply ends when his term ends.

One must ask: Do folks accept what one can get and hope for more? Or should folks continue to press for more, not only on the presidential level but also on the legislative level–after all Congress must act on The Defense on Marriage Act.

Having discussed the Civil Rights Movement in class today, I simply cannot ignore the similarities between the rights Blacks worked for and what the GLBT community is now working for as well.

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