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Private Lives & the Coward Cabaret by WSC Downtown Is a Hit

If you are Noel Coward fan and enjoying sipping wine (if you happen to be in physical pain like myself due to an injury and want to distract the pain) in a smallish venue while watching superb actors literally within breathing space away from you, then I strongly suggest that you place the Washington Shakespeare Company\’s production of Private Lives & the Coward Cabaret on your \”to see\” list.

Given the small space allowed the actors, the set designer Richard Montgomery and director H. Lee Gable have done a wonderful job. Add that to the superb acting by the complete cast of Megan Dominy, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Jeremy Lister, Cam Magee and Barbara Papendorp (it is Papendorp who also sings the cabaret), you the attendee will be in for an amusing show. With such a small space, the actors had no choice but to take the physicality of the show \”mano a mano\” or hand to cheek; all of which brings the attendee into the reality of the scene.

The WSC which recently did Macbeth in the buff–a bold production and one I won\’t forget for some time–deserves our support. So get yourself down to the 1409 Playbill Cafe, buy a ticket, a glass of wine or whatever, and enjoy the play in a completely smoke-free environment, thanks to the wisdom of Washington, DC\’s anti-smoking law.

For information, contact: Washington Shakespeare Company

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