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Reaching a 100 Years of Age

It is extremely rare when one can boast about a relative turning 100 years of age, but today I am proud to say that Tante Germaine GIRON of Lorraine, France joined the select group of centenarians.

Happy Birthday, Tante Germaine, and good health!

–Il est extrêmement rare quand on peut se vanter d\’un parent tournant 100 ans d\’âge, mais aujourd\’hui je suis fier de dire que Tante Germaine GIRON de Lorraine, la France a rejoint le groupe d\’élection de centenaires.

–Bon anniversaire, Tante Germaine et bonne santé!

I suppose there is something in my genes that will have me possibly lurking around at an old age, God willing. My father will be 92 this year, though his parents didn\’t live to be quite old his grandparents passed the 80 mark; my mother will be 81 and her father lived to be close to being 95 and her mother 87. So something tells me I had better keep in good shape for the advanced years.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my sister, Jeannie, whose birthday is also today and who is quite young!

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