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Reading Material for a Long Plane Ride

I can\’t wait to get my new reading glasses which will accelerate by reading speed as I have a long list of items which have been sitting around for a while.

These aren\’t listed in any particular order other than poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Some are for a second read, well deserved.


Handmade Love by Julie R. Enszer Guinevere in Baltimore by Shelley Puhak Watching the Spring Festival by Frank Bidart The Book of the Body by Frank Bidart Come, Thief by Jane Hirshfield horoscopes for the dead by Billy Collins Over the Misty Plains by Alessio Zanelli He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices by Stephen S. Mills Gareth by George Klawitter Blitzkrieg by John Gosslee


Purgatory by Jeff Mann Professed by Lowell Mick White


Metaphysical Odyseey into the Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero and his secret book, Spirist Manual by C.M. Mayo And Lo!: The Old Gods!: Restored Interpretations of Old Myths compiled and edited by Charles W. Leslie Poetics by Aristotle Awaken the Inner Shaman by Jose Luis Stevens

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