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Reading Material for that Vacation Trip

Boy, that vacation trip is coming at a good time. I\’m craving some down time with family away from the stress from work and the recent hacking of the press\’s yahoo account. I hope friends and contacts know better than to respond to such nonsense emails asking for money, etc. This is not anything I would do.

Sadly it takes time to restore contacts info and lost emails (inbox and sent files). Some place by the ocean would be nice but alas my family calls me and they are what I need at this time.

The desert is not by the ocean but my sister\’s Jacuzzi will do the job after our traditional southwestern card game marathon.

Then in between, I\’ll be reading these titles I have been meaning to get to:

Tea in Heliopolis by Hedy Habra Brazos, Carry Me by Pablo Miguel Martinez Desire I remember But Love, no by Sergio Tellez-Pon / Don Cellini (translator) Blueprints for the Genocide by Rob Cook Deleted Names by Lawrence Schimel This Is What Happened In Our Other Life by Achy Obejas Fortunate Light by David Bergman

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