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Rescue Dawn Brings Us a Hero We Need at the Moment

Werner Herzog\’s Rescue Dawn, which he wrote and directed, is the film we Americans need at this time of political warfare and lack of trust in our government.

Here in this sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat film, Herzog has successfully told us the true story of the leading character Dieter Dengler, an American soldier lost in the Laotian jungle during the Vietnam war.

Christian Bale who truly gives a stunning performance–you might recall he also played the lead in American Psycho–rallied the audience in his favor. During his escape in the jungle, we were all rooting for him and we truly rejoiced when he was finally rescued. This film based on a true story makes Lost look foolish.

The fact that the military had to come to Dengler\’s rescue from the CIA who were debriefing him before admitting him to the public scene rings very true today. I\’m not sure this scene in the film actually happened in real life, but regardless if it did or didn\’t, the fact that Herzog includes it in the film spoke to the four of us who saw the film together and then decided to have a drink and decompress a bit before we could \”rejoin\” the real world.

This is the kind of film we should promote Hollywood to make these days instead of the fluff that is being screened these days. If more films were of this quality, certainly more post 19 year olds would be in the theatres.

So, if you are feeling a bit fed up with the nonsense that is spewing out of government buildings in Washington and you are in want of a person who has integrity and one you can hold up as hero, then get out and see this film.

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