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Respite at the Beach?

The dog days of August are perfect for the beach, be it Rehoboth Beach or Lewis, Delaware.

But then many of us have had the same idea which makes getting a reservation a bit of a problem. Nonetheless, we were able to get reservations at The Rehoboth Guest House, where we have stayed before. What we like about it is that it has a perfect location, not far from the bars and the beach and there is parking for one\’s car.

So if you are interested, click on the link below:

Of course, there are many places where one can stay but friendly ambiance and morning continental breakfast are traditions, with wine and cheese hour on Saturdays.

With regard to restaurants, some of the standbys are high on our recommendation list: The Blue Moon Restaurant Zebra (go for the meat dishes) El Mariachi

Good happy hours, with reasonable prices at: The Blue Moon Partner\’s

If you have time, take a side trip to Lewis and check out their main town street with some good restaurants and shops.

True, no one can predict weather, but with 101 degrees this past Wednesday, here\’s hoping that the city doesn\’t lose its electricity like it did last week. Fortunately, the electricity came on in the early morning but the champagne we had the night before helped me sleep until I awoke to a very cold room–aha, the air conditioner turned on!

Oh, but on Thursday the ocean or rather the beach was closed mid day due to lightening, but then too much sun can be deadly to the skin so be reasonable about getting sun these days.

Now, if you haven\’t been to the ocean-side, get yourself a reservation and head East for a couple of days at least and enjoy the drinks, good food, but rest.

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