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Returning Wounded Deserve Excellent Care

The President\’s Commission on Care for America\’s Returning Wounded Warriors co-chaired by Robert Dole and Donna Shalala have rightly recommended that the military in this country get proper care, for everyone has heard that many wounded have not gotten the medical care they deserve, regardless of the fact that many Americans may not want the USA military to be in Iraq or other such locations. The point is a soldier has no choice; he/she must do as commanded by the powers that be.

To not properly take care of these Americans is not only wrong but criminal in my opinion. Never mind that some of these Americans are my relatives and friends. I may not like what our government is doing but unfortunately there is little one can do. Yes, I was out there protesting the Iraq war before we actually attacked Iraq, but now I find that informing my Congress representatives via writing letters and calling their offices about my opinion is more effective. Lord knows I can\’t go out protesting any longer due to health reasons.

The six recommendations made cover: a. creating a comprehensive recovery plan for the seriously injured

b. restructuring the disability and compensation systems

c. preventing and treating post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury

d. straightening support for families [Learning about soldiers\’ families having to use food stamps in order to feed family members is enough to make any one angry at the USA government.]

e. transferring patient information between the Department of Defense and the Veterans Office more rapidly

f. supporting Walter Reed Hospital by recruiting and retaining first-rate health care professional until is slated to close in 2011

Now we wait and see if our president and his staff have the integrity to enforce these recommendations.

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