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Rush Limbaugh Deserves Congressional Condemnation

Anyone who is fair-minded and reasonable should support the resolution by Representative Steny H. Hoyer who has spoken up against the vile and disgraceful comments made by Russ Limbaugh with regard to our military personnel who are fighting yet who may not agree with current USA policy.

Russ Limbaugh had the nerve to call soldiers who have been wounded \”pony soldiers\” because they have the freedom to speak their mind about the current war in Iraq. First of all, when did Limbaugh or any of his family ever serve in the military? And secondly, who gave him the right to criticize soldiers who are actually fighting and endangering their lives.

Not only should Limbaugh apologize but he should be stopped and if it takes a Congressional resolution to stop him, then so be it!

He and other Republicans cannot continue to condemn freedom of speech in the USA if in fact it is democracy that the USA is trying to install in Iraq.

Recently was condemned for its General David H. Petraeus ad, and if received the attention of both Republicans and Democrats then it is time Russ Limbaugh is told that he must also play by the same rules of common decency or he should be removed from the airwaves which are public airwaves and paid for by tax payers yet distributed by such companies as Clear Channel Communications Inc. and Disney in different cities.

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