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Say Enough Is Enough to the Lying from the McCain/Palin Ticket

In light of the latest out-right lies that the McCain / Palin Ticket is spreading about Barack Obama, here is a call for action that has come my way, which I share:

From: Adam L. Barr Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 12:06 PM Subject: [DC for Obama] Upset About What\’s Happening? ***Please Forward***

This election is getting tighter and tighter, and time is running out. I am sure we all have our opinions about what has caused our latest slide in the polls. I am sure many of you are feeling helpless to prevent the disaster that you see over the horizon. However, the reality is that there is much that each of us can and must do to win this election.

We have a simple formula for winning in November; expanding the electorate, identifying our supporters, and making sure they vote on election day. We cannot control what the media says about Sarah Palin, but we can control our own actions. It will be our actions that decide this election.

Virginia is going to play a critical role in deciding whether Barack Obama will be our next President, and it is going to be a close race there. The extent to which we mobilize will be the X factor in this election. If we all join a DC to VA Victory Team, spend as much time as we can spare with our neighbors to the South, and bring our friends with us, we will be that much closer to changing the course of history. Nearly 300 of you have signed up so far, but that is not enough. More than 1400 of you volunteered with us during the primary. Well, the stakes are higher now and the election is less than two months away.

What is a DC to VA Victory Team and why join one?

Each of the seven DC to VA Victory Teams is comprised of volunteers that chose to work in a specific city, based on the demographics of the area. Per the campaign\’s direct request, all of these seven cities are in Northern Virginia. Team members will meet up at a central location on weekends, carpool together down to their Virginia field office, walk door-to-door registering new voters, identifying Obama supporters, and ensuring that they come out and vote for us. Joining a DC to VA Victory Team is the most important thing you can do for this campaign. It is the most important thing you can do for our country. This personal contact with voters is proven to be the most effective means of generating votes. It is a winning strategy, but we cannot win without you. It is true that you could simply go to a field office alone and volunteer. However, if this campaign has shown us anything, it has shown us that we are far more effective when we work together towards a common goal. Joining a team will provide you the opportunity to help other supporters be of greater benefit to the campaign. If you have a car, joining a team ensures that your car is always full when you make the ride to your local Virginia field office. If you are a natural leader, joining a team will give you the opportunity to keep your team motivated. The list could go on…

For more information on this initiative, and to sign up, visit

Are you unable to spend your weekends knocking on doors for Obama? You can still help. The success of this program will depend on two things; enthusiastic volunteers, and money to fund the program. If you would like to make phone calls to supporters in DC asking them to join a DC to VA Victory Team, please send an email to If you would like to help fund this program, please contact Adam Barr at All contributions to this effort are considered campaign contributions to the Virginia Campaign for Change, a joint committee of Obama for America and the Virginia Democratic Party.

\”We cannot turn back. Not with so much work to be done… At this moment, in this election, we must pledge once more to march into the future.\” – Senator Barack Obama, August 28, 2008

Passionately, Adam L. Barr Founder, DC for Obama DC to VA Victory Teams Co-Coordinator

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