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Sette Bello Restaurant Is a Hit in Clarendon Area of Arlington, VA

I have lived in Arlington since 1997 and have seen many changes to the area, especially Ballston but also the Clarendon area. In fact, yesterday I could have easily gotten lost due to so many high rise buildings, but all in a good sense.

We were in the area yesterday to try out a new Italian restaurant, Sette Bello. Upon entering, it was obvious that we were about to have an upscale treat. The decor and ambiance are quite European and rather chic, I must say.

I thought, well, let\’s wait until we have some food and drink before I give this place a thumbs up. I had some of their house red wine, a good Italian choice, and partook of the antipasto from the wine bar, followed by the penne pasta with swordfish and scallops in black olives with a light tomato sauce, which were quite delicious. My friend had the lamb which I had to taste and I\’m glad I did because it was extremely well seasoned and melted in my mouth. Needless to say we didn\’t have room for anything else, but it won\’t be long before we go back and savor the exotic pear dessert.

Sette Bello Ristorante and Bar Enoteca is a must for Arlingtonians but also for Washingtonians wanting an exceptional meal with excellent service, yet at a reasonable price.

For a clue of what I am writing about, click on their website below: Sette Bello Restaurant

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