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Take a Creative Writing-Poetry Class with Me at Montgomery College

This Spring 2011 semester I\’ll be teaching English 223 (and the advanced section English 224 which follows EN223) at Montgomery College-Takoma Park/Silver Spring.

If you are interested, follow the enrollment process at Montomgery College: Montgomery College or call me at 240.567.1379 or email me at:

Description: EN 223 Section: 34838 – INTRO TO CREAT WRIT POETRY Designed to provide students a foundation for understanding the forms, techniques, and aesthetics of poetry writing in order that they may develop their skills. Emphasis will be on both traditional and contemporary modes to establish each student\’s style of expression and understanding of the craft. Students\’ poems, the poems of their peers, and poetry of proven merit will be discussed in a workshop setting. (ARTD) PREREQUISITE: A grade of C or better in EN 101 or EN 101A or consent of instructor based on a writing sample. Three hours each week.

Schedule Types: Lecture & workshop for crafting/revising poems

Course Attributes: Arts Distribution, General Elective, Upper Level Requirement

The class will meet on Tuesdays only from 2 pm to 4.40 pm in the Commons Bldg. Room 113.

Texts to be used: Term: SPRING 11 Name: EN 223 Section: 34838 Instructor: Giron Course ID: 34838 Location: TAKOMA PARK/SILVER SILVER

REQUIRED POETIC VOICES WITHOUT BORDERS 2 Author: GIRON ISBN: 9781928589433 Edition/Copyright: 09 Published Date: 2009 Used: $20.75 New: $27.50

REQUIRED POET\’S COMPANION Author: ADDONIZIO ISBN: 9780393316544 Edition/Copyright: 97 Published Date: 1997 Used: $12.75 New: $17.00

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