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Thank You, Mr. President / David Sedaris Doesn\’t Disappoint

Stonewall Meeting of Sorts at The White House:

Thank you, Mr. President, for taking the time and energy to meet with the GLBT community to reassure folks that you have not forgotten them, nor their drive for equal rights in this country.

It is now clear that Congress needs to do some work. Yes, that would include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to rally up the Democrats and Others in Congress who truly believe in equality in this country and not lip service.

David Sedaris:

This past Friday I was lucky enough to meet and hear David Sedaris at the Borders (Crossroads).

I have read and heard him on NPR before especially on Fresh Air and laughed so hard it hurt. Certainly this Friday, although he had laryngitis (boy, that\’s dedication to his fans), he was both charming and entertaining.

I had second thoughts about standing in line to get my copy of When You Are Engulfed in Flames signed by him since standing is quite painful, given that I have 4 screws in my spine, but leaning against the stacks and sitting on the side tables until I got my \”time\” with him was worth it. And I had no idea he would give me his chair so I could stay and listen to his reading. I explained that I had had enough just waiting for the signature and he jumped from his chair and said: \”Here, you can take my chair.\” In fact, he also ordered the staff to get a chair for my partner as well so we both were able to stay and listen and laugh and laugh.

I don\’t recall any reading where I have laughed so much or so hard. Certainly, as I told Sedaris, laughter is the best medicine.

His stories amaze and Lord knows he at times doesn\’t know when to stop. His sharing a story someone told him about a girlfriend who had an embarrassing accident in his car was perhaps a bit over the top. The audience laughed and went \”oooo\”.

So if you want a fun read and many good laughs, I strongly recommend that you read David Sedaris. He does not disappoint, not even when he is truly barely able to speak.

You talk pretty, David, even with the frog in your throat.

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