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"The Day Rider and Other Stories" by J. E. Robinson Is Now Available

J. E. Robinson\’s debut collection of stories titled The Day Rider and Other Stories has been released.

The Day Rider & Other Stories presents characters nominally situated in one world who seek to join another, while being themselves. Many main characters \’pass\’–not merely in the conventional sense, of appearing as one race and acculturating as another, nor as one sexual orientation and moving conveniently into another as affections and conventions dictate, but also in its \’unconventional\’ senses, of moving from mortality to immortality, or from the oppressed and disadvantaged to being the oppressor and the privileged. This collection discusses the wide sweep of \’passing\’ and wonders whether doing so is an anathema to humanity or inherent to humanity.

Award-winning director and playwright Melissa Maxwell states that \”Eric Robinson\’s writing is deceptively powerful; it moves along in a quiet plodding manner, then stealthily delivers a punch. This collection of short stories is eclectic and quirky.\”

Photograph of J. E. Robinson by Mark Gilliland (2013).

J. E. Robinson received the 2005 Illinois Arts Council Literary Award for his essays. His novel Skip Macalester was designated a Paperback Pick by the American Booksellers Association. An ancient historian, he teaches at the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy.

Ask for the book at your bookstore or visit or Gival Press: The Day Rider and Other Stories at or Gival Press

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