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The Passing of Zachary Benavidez

It\’s with a heavy heart that I share the news about my dear colleague and fellow writer, Zachary Benavidez.

His family would greatly appreciate any kindness you can lend with regard to helping them with the loss, as they live in Arizona, while Zach lived in Washington, DC.

See below: Our family is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved Zachary Benavidez. On Saturday, August 20th, we received a call that he was found unconscious in his apartment. Words cannot describe how shocking and unexpected this announcement was. Committed to his educational pursuits Zachary lived away from home most of his adult life. Living thousands of miles away from his family was not easy but he managed with the loving friendships he made along the way. Thank you for being there for him to offer your love and support.

We appreciate your heartfelt condolences and desires to share donations in memory of him. Help spread the word!

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