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"The Sex Habits of American Women" at Signature Theatre

Signature Theatre of Arlington, VA delivers another fine production. The play by Julie Marie Myatt is well cast and actors Teresa Castracane, Ralph Coshan, Will Gartshore, Helen Hedman, and Casie Platt play their parts convincingly. As is common with Signature, the set design by Michael Carnahan works well. The only comment of note is that the second cast delivered by video-play during the actual play is distracting and really not central to the play; in other words, cut the video-playing and the play is actually stronger in my opinion. Michael Baron, new to Signature, I believe, certainly is a keep.

Sadly the irony of the play is that those who write about sexual habits often are the least adept at the art and \”in the know.\”

The Signature Theatre 703.820.9771

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