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The State of the Economy and Our Future Election

There appears to be a pattern developing in the McCain campaign. Every time something comes up that is negative, McCain tries to change the subject and distract the American people: the Georgia crisis, Hurricane Ike, and now the 700 billion bail out crisis.

Senator Obama rightly states that a future president needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time while still taking care of business as it were, regardless of the urgency.

For Bush and Congress to simply give complete control to the Treasurer a sign over 700 billion dollars to bailing out the incompetency of CEOs while perhaps giving them millions for their stupidity would be insane if not criminal in my opinion.

Now with the election coming on Nov. 4th, we have to decide whether McCain or Obama would be better in the presidency seat. While many of us have already made up our minds, there are many out there who for whatever reason are \”blinded\” by the \”freshness\” of Sarah Palin, who is not even close to Hillary Clinton\’s position with regard to women\’s concerns.

Why women would support Palin simply because Clinton is not on Obama\’s ticket is simply counter intuitive, given that Palin does not really have women\’s best interests in mind and her policies run counter to Clinton\’s philosophy.

Here below is a link to a video that within 12 minutes explains the history of our past vice presidents and which outlines the future of our country because depending upon whom is elected on Nov. 4th we stand to pull through this disaster the Bush/Cheney administration has given us or we might simply slip further into the quick sand that Bush has laid out for us to step in.

I encourage you to share this link with others:

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