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Theatre-Goers in Seach of Pirandello: Go to WSC Avant Bard in Arlington

If you are a theatre-goers wanting to see Luigi Pirandello\’s work come to life, then search no further than Arlington, VA.

WSC Avant Bard Theatre located in the Artisphere in Rosslyn is now running Six Characters in Search of an Author in a translation by Carl R. Mueller who brings the work to life in this adeptly directed production by Tom Prewitt.

Familiar actors including Brian Hemmingsen as The Father and Nanna Ingvarsson as The Mother make their entrance onto this stage and keep the audience on the edge, wanting to know what is going to happen. Bruce Alan Rauscher who plays the Director in the play makes his role so natural that one at times forgets this is really theatre of the absurd yet of course it can and does make sense in a strange kind of way.

The cast is balanced and the stage direction makes use of the space quite nicely. Yet when Madame Pace played by Liz Dutton appears she steals the stage but one would expect her character to do so.

Go see this play if you are wanting a Piradello fix and you might very well want to see it twice just to make sure you catch his drift.

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