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Thoughts: Reading of Late / Post Hosni Mubarak

Recent Reads:

Between classes and the never-ending stream of emails, I occasionally have time to read for leisure, knowing it\’s not for a meeting or for publication.

Not too long ago, I was invited by Francisco Aragon for a private reading of a poet he has nurtured (I\’ll write about his book later) over time and after the conversation / reading Francisco gave me a copy of his latest book: Glow of Our Sweat.

In picking up this book and reading it, one will find very thoughtful poems and his translations of others\’ poems, by mostly Spanish poets.

The poems travel from Spain to California with a mention of France and other places but the thread of poetic history is also running through the book. It\’s one of those kinds that requires another read and begs you to ponder: what is meant by this or what was he getting at there?

So take some time and pick up a copy at

Post HM:

And so Hosni Mubarak has exited the scene.

Now we watch the turmoil spread to Iran, where the government is being hypocritical, but to be honest that kind of political talk is not common just abroad. We have plenty of it here in the USA.

The House of Representatives gave the rich tax breaks and now it wants to cut jobs of federal works and the like. What kind of hypocrisy does one call that?

Do we wait until the masses are up in an uproar? And will those who praised the civil uprising in Egypt welcome something similar in the USA? I think not and that is why the hypocrisy we are seeing aboard is not anything some in the USA should be quick to point out because four fingers point back at themselves.

My question is this: How long will it take before folks realize they made a big mistake this past November? Something many of us already knew.

Unfortunately, some of those who voted to put these folks into power in the House are the very ones who will be hurting the most in the long run.

It\’s easy to believe foolish propaganda but it\’s more difficult to undo it.

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