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What Is Going on in Washignton, DC? A Gunman Walks about Freely

What on Earth is going on in Washington, DC that a crazy man is able to walk about near The Mall (where numerous museums are located as well the institution that prints money) and no one seemed to spy this man with a rifle?

What also bothers me is that countless older white men seem to be inciting others to action from the most insane to the troubling, for example: the Texas governor talked about seceding from the USA because he was upset about the Democrats being in power now with President Obama, Rush Laumbaugh spews hatred on a daily basis–of late he and Newt Gingrich have attacked Judge Sonia Sotomayor as being a racist, to the point that one needs to ask: Does Rush know what a racist is? Has he looked in the mirror of late?

Is it no wonder that James von Brunn, an 88 year old Marylander, opened fire and killed an African-American guard at the Holocaust Museum? People who listen to talk radio and such that advocate hatred are being incited in this country to spew their hatred yet because the people who are promoted such talk/action are white no one seems to do anything about it. Is not James von Brunn a terrorist? And are not those who are advocating insane action partly responsible for inciting hostility?

It begs the question to ask: If Rush Laumbaugh and gang were Black or from the Middle East, would they not be already off the air or their program canceled? Are they allowed to create anger and hostility because they are white? Or are these groups being watched by the FBI and other such organizations? If not, they should be.

It\’s time to hold individuals accountable who incite hostility towards Jews, Arabs, judges who know what racism truly is–simply ask Judge Sonia Sotomayor or go out and see West Side Story, or gays in the military—and, yes, President Obama should also be held accountable to his campaign promises.

Politicians who make claims during their campaigns need to be true to their talk. President Obama, you stated you were for the rights of all Americans during your campaign. Are you backing down because the gay issue is a hot potato?

This past Tuesday (VA Democratic primary) Terry R. McAuliffe who went off at the mouth against Obama after it was obvious that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the Democratic campaign for the presidency learned that Virginians truly have a memory and most of us do not like hate speech nor folks who assume they can buy their way into the governing system.

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