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Why can an Aurora tragedy happen?

First of all, the USA is grieving with the families whose loved ones were killed and those who are struggling with their wounds.

We may never find out what was going on in the mind of the person who is responsible for the recent tragedy but we can certainly begin to ask ourselves questions: Why is it easier to buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition than trying to vote in the USA? Why is it that one now has to show proof of age to buy cough syrup but yet it\’s easier to buy a gun? Why is it that someone even needs to buy a machine gun? Why is it that one has to have a license to drive a car which can and does kill thousands and injures hundreds of thousands more a year yet one doesn\’t need any kind of license to buy a gun?

Then: Why isn\’t Homeland Security keeping track of individuals buying 6,000 rounds of ammunition online or machine guns in this country?

Then: Why is it that the tragedy hasn\’t stirred up the conservatives? Is there any correlation to the fact that the \”arrested\” person is a white male?

Can you imagine what would be the talk on conservative talk shows had the person been from the Middle East?

The disconnect with logic in the USA has reached a serious point. Are people just not thinking or have they been \”bought\” by those who can \”pay\” them to think via the massive propaganda machine backed by billionaires with ties to casinos or the like?

I agree with many Americans who say: I want my old America back but the one I want back is one that is not controlled by \”bought politicians\” or \”bought national speakers be they on TV or radio\”–give us back a free America that is not \”bought\” by money but is controlled by reason, logic, empathy for humanity, and one that stands up for the truth not lies to make people think that the lies are truth.

I guess what I am asking for is critical thinking skills but governed by logic not money.

Does such a place exist in this world any more?

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